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e mërkurë, 20 shkurt 2008


We have a craft room,Ladies and Gentleman, in all it's deliciousness. That is fibery, fabricy goodness.
I had to show you this really cool thing I decided to do to organize my sewing patterns.
We cut file folders down and separated the patterns by type and children or adult. Pretty cool, huh? This is one of the kids baskets.

This is my finished sewing area, complete with a cork board to hang my pattern in progress. I have always wanted one of these, I am so impressed with me...lol! Greg made this desk and the shelves look just like they were made to fit here.

He did a great job with this area and with the cabinets we use for our fiber prep.

Ashley is doing quality control on the cabinets, lol. She is really getting into the whole drum carder thing. Go see.

Here is a final shot of the whole area, the table behind Ashley got swung to the wall and is for me to cut my fabric on. It is tall enough not to hurt my back and I hung a bit of leftover cork next to it, to hold my fabric scissors.

The table in front of the window is for Ashley's beading and next to that is a bit of this and that, beading and yarn and stuff.

I also have an antique drying rack where Ashley dries her yarn and fiber that she dyes.

That concludes this tour, and now I can go and create!!

Right now, I am going to go and knit and watch my daughter play a game with her brother in Hawaii....isn't the internet wonderful?

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