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e hënë, 25 shkurt 2008

Miraculous Miranda!!

Oh my gosh, ya'll!!! I am so in love with my new bag!
I made just a few modifications to her, so she can be my knitting bag. I left out the closure with velcro, because velcro eats yarn, and few other modifications I noted below.
Be sure and check out all the cool bags that Lazy Girl has on her site. They are an easy sew and very efficient.
So. here are some pics.

I quilted her myself, with just a criss cross
pattern on my machine.
Really simple and actually the longest process of the whole thing.
I used some really stiff interfacing, no batting.

Another modification I made was to put the stiff interfacing in the pockets, because I knew I was going to be using them alot and I made one pocket on one side big enough to hold a knitting book.
I also used the straps from the Gracie handbag instead of the straps that are with this pattern.

So, here is my little Miranda. I love her and look forward to sharing many knitting projects with her!!

5 komente:

Heather tha...

Very cute. The pockets are really going to be a great feature. Well done!

Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl tha...

Hi Marmee,

Your Miranda is fantastic! I think your modifications are so smart and I love hearing how happy you are with her.

Great job!


June tha...

I love it!

Veronica tha...

It looks fabulous - just like you!!!
I can't wait to see it some Tuesday night!

Peggy tha...

Your back is very nice. However, I think you my friend at a few cards short of a deck, half a bubble off plum. Probably one of the reasons I love you so much.