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e mërkurë, 13 shkurt 2008

Fiber to finished swatch

Well, while we are waiting on Daddy to move cabinets and shelving, we got in a mood to create. You know, it is so funny how when you move something you haven't touched in a while, it suddenly seems like you absolutely have to touch it now!! The kids were that way when we moved the books in the library. All day after we finished shelving them, the kids were absorbed in the "new" books they had found. LOL
Ashley and I were that way when we moved our carder this past weekend. We had already dyed some fiber and it turned out when we were at a stand still with organizing,
we just had to see how well the fiber blended up.

Then, we couldn't, actually, I should say, I couldn't wait to spin it.

After I had spun it, it just turned out that it was

a perfect opportunity to do a little "tutorial" that we had been wanting to do, for people who have a hard time plying from a center pull ball. I wanted you all to see how easy it is and in fact, I really did have it all plied in about 15 minutes from the time I started. The bummer was that when we went to load the video, it said our file was too big. So we have to learn how to get our videos onto blogger, but we will, so don't give up!

I don't usually spin small amounts of fiber anymore, so have not plied from a ball in a really long time. I can feel that if Ashley keeps this up (of course she will, she is now selling it!) I am in for more small amounts of spinning.

After our little camera moment, I put it on the niddy noddy to make a skein.

Then I knitted up a small swatch to see what it would look like in a garment.

I really love this color blend. It ends up being kind of like a denim. Something about spinning a color blend, as opposed to dying a blended yarn, is that there is a depth of color that can not be achieved any other way. I just love spinning.