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e diel, 10 shkurt 2008

Chaos or organizing?

This is a craft room update for all my loyal followers....lol. I am sure you have been dying to know what I have been doing with my craft room and here are the pictures of today's busyness...
We brought down all the "toteable" stuff. Daddy is going to have to bring down our cabinets and move some custom shelving that goes over the desk that I am going to use as my sewing desk, but, at least all that we can move without Daddy is down here now.

It feels like we have not made much progress....but maybe we have.

I am just going to say that this is not where everything is going to stay, it just happens to be where little hands placed it.

Ashley confiscated the window for her bead work.

I am now in the process of looking for a second hand hide-a-bed for this room.

We decided that it was a bit of overload to leave a bed in here, as we are not expecting company until June and then again in December.

This is what I call the closet pass-through. It goes to the bathroom and has 2 small closets in it, one on each side. This closet on the left has my fabric and patterns and the one on the right has knitting books, needles and extra fabric, so far lol.

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already planning on that Dec company? LOL